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You are one wise-cracking lady, always quick with a clever remark and easily able to keep up with the quips and puns that come along with the nutty situations you find yourself in. You're usually able to talk your way out of any jam, and even if you can't, you at least make it more interesting with your biting wit. You can match the smartest guy around line for line, and you've got an open mind that allows you to get what you want, even if you don't recognize it at first. Your leading men include Cary Grant and Clark Gable, men who can keep up with you.

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Knee Surgery #2

So, yesterday was the day of cutting. Actually, more like probing and cutting.

I was nervous. Mostly about the anesthesia. Though I know risks are low...you just never know. And I was (and am) not ready for the big sleep, if you know what I mean. So, needless to say, I was a bit anxious. Of course, choosing anesthesia and death vs. car wreck and death is a much better option. Let's keep it in perspective.
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My sister rocks

My sister was just here for a short but fabulous visit. She is one of my favorite people on the planet and I adore and admire her. While she was here we hit the Seattle Folklife Festival, Bainbridge Island, Seattle Art Museum, and Pike's Market. We had a great visit and had a good chance to explore Seattle. I swear, my sister and I could make anything fun...!!

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What's in a name? Rather, a nickname?

Nicknames for:

Macaroni, Bubbus, Bo Bo Fets, Pops, Papa, Bo Bo, The Pops, Punkin, Punkinator, Honey, Shoe

eggy Sue:  Pooh, Pooh Monster, Peggy Sue Monster, Poohlisious, Pooh Meister, Poo Poo, Peggy Sue Susie Q, Poop Scoots, Pooh bottoms, Poop Scoots and Boogie, Poop scoots kitty

Shady Cat:
Shady o' Grady, Wiener, little grey kitty, The McNugget, McMuffin, McMuffers, Terd, Terd-a-muffin, Terd Alert

Logan:  Lo-gan-now-waski, Logi, Los Logos, Tugerts, Tugerts-the-Bear, Mr. Big Foot, Mr. Pant-a-loons, Mr. Fluffypants

Christina: Toad, Mern, Mern-E-Toad, Toad of Mern

George:  Georgio, George of the Jungle

Mom: Mamasitas, Meine Mutter, Ma

Elliot:  El-E-Belly, El-li-ot

Glenn:  Mein Bruder
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How I love my...Peggy Sue

So, it is clear that Peggy's abdominal issues are not cleared, nor will they likely be resolved or healed. I thought she was going to die last weekend, last night even. She turned a fine shade of jaundice on Sat. after three days of not eating much and generally feeling like poo. We have to clarify in our house if one says they feel like poo. Do you mean "Pooh" as in the super cute Peggy Sue, or poo...as in dog crap. Pooh was feeling like the dog crap kind. After a long discussion with the vet (who I feel good about and trust) it was clear that running more tests, etc, would only confirm what we already know. Peggy has stones in her gall bladder, a history of a damaged liver and IBD and pancreatitis. If that weren't enough, she has stones in her bladder (again) and even a few nephroliths and horrific asthma to top it off. She is a minor train wreck. I could go crazy, do surgery, or chase answers with a biopsy, but to what avail? To confirm we are doing all we can? I know we already are. She gets fluids daily and basically I am (as Dr. Monyek would say) "throwing the pharmacy at her". A feeding tube doesn't make sense with Pooh, and hospitalizing her on IV fluids would really piss her off. She didn't eat a think yesterday. I had unknowingly become hopeless. I hadn't tried to "force" feed her because I was convinced that it would be a battle with The Pooh. She is not one you do much "forcing" with of any kind. But when Jim got home, and mentioned we were likely at that point, I began the set up. Mostly to show him that this was going to be a battle.

I got the goods and The Pooh. In we went, she in her donut, me in my towels, A/D in the syringe. A mere 15mls to start. Pooh got "the look", the "what the fuck is this bullshit" look, but she sat there, waiting...what was I going to do next? So, we sat for a moment, got settled, I was prepared, and then we were off to the races...except this was going really well. I would hold and position her head, get her mouth open, give a little squirt...and Pooh would swallow it up. In fact, it was a success, with only minor growling at the end, which for Pooh, is amazing. I was thrilled, and felt foolish I had not tried sooner, and had to concede to Jim that not all hope was lost. Needless to say, within the next hour, Pooh, was licking at a bit of Tout and Salmon...actually eating! She did not vomit. She did not lay with me all night, but she did not vomit and ate nearly 1/2 a small can of food! I was elated, and still...foolish.

Though I know there is still a long road to travel with The Pooh, I learned a lesson I was unaware of within myself. The weekend was an emotional one for me, preparing my "goodbye" for Peggy has zapped my heart of hope in the name of realistic expectations. I thought for sure there was no corner for Pooh to turn, but that was only because I had to believe the worst to prepare for the worst. In doing so, I had closed the door on any other options. I am ashamed to have not realized this sooner, and more ashamed to have let my hopelessness keep me from trying with Pooh, what I have seen benefit cats in the past. She just needed to be "reminded" how to eat, that it was a good idea.

We are by no means out of the woods, but Pooh managed to eat an entire small can of food by three this afternoon. It is an improvement and that has refocused my emotions. I thought I was doing a good job walking that fine line of realistic expectations and hope, when truly I had fallen over to the side of giving up. I can't believe it, but I was there, and had no idea. Today I feel stronger, and more importantly, so does Peggy. We still have a load of meds to give, but she is looking and acting like the Peggy Sue we all know and love. It may not last, but I will remember to stay focused and not lose hope again. Life is what it is. It is unclear and tragic, it is joyous and amazing, it is painful, hilarious, unique and sad, and mostly it is unpredictable, and that is where hope lives. The what if...the what if I give her food and she rejects it AGAIN...but what if the next time...she doesn't.

I guess I am writing because I want this to be a reminder to myself that I shouldn't be so convinced in the ways of the world. I really should practice the "one day at a time" bit, because when I start going "down that road" before it has even happened, I really short change myself and certainly those around me. Pooh's included. Peggy may still die, well, we all will, but I don't know when. Today I know this, she feels more like Pooh, than poo.

Also, I thank Jim for being my partner and always subtly keeping my perspectives in check! LOVE THAT GUY SO MUCH!
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Comforting lyrics


Sorry I was cruel
I was protecting myself
Drifting along with my swords out flying
Tattering my own cells then I tattered yours, too
Took you and rocked you around me like a spell

Oh, how now the cold seeps in, oh
Oh, how now I cast you into the wind

Wracked by winter, I'm cupping my coals in the sand
Growing like a starlight 'cross the garden of night, I'll think
Bones look lonely, memories surround me
Good times, skeletons are kicking at the ground

Oh, how the night drags on, oh
But I think I see a pink light and the coming of dawn
Oh, how the night drags on, oh
But in the fading of the constellations, I am growing strong
In the fading of the constellations, I am growing strong
In the fading of the constellations, I am growing strong


Now the raging of the forest fires end
And all the mammals fled
I smell in the charred darkness
A little green, a little red

When you sing your song
Your voice washed over the sea
Glacial land of
Beautiful blue light came o'er me
Came o'er me

Drink deep, my love
For the water is gasping for your mouth
Gasping for your mouth
Drink deep, my love
For the water is gasping for your mouth

I remember in the burning
A secret magic expense
A flame universe of bright gold and white
I treasured the whole fest
But it was too hard to touch
I flew out with the cinders in a mighty black rush

Drink deep, my love
For the water is gasping for your mouth
Gasping for your mouth
Drink deep, my love
For the water is gasping for your mouth

And the fire closed his eyes
Tipped his flame hat and slipped through the dire rye
We wandered romantic
We scattered dark branches
With the singing green stars as our guide
With the singing green stars as our guide

Drink deep, my love
For the water is gasping for your mouth
Gasping for your mouth
Drink deep, my love
For the water is gasping for your mouth

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Poison Ivy
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You would go to almost any length for the protection of the environment including manipulation and elimination.

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